About Us

The way we watch television has drastically changed over the last fifteen years due to new technologies such as digital television and services providing on-demand access. People watch television everywhere via every possible device.
Watching TV in different places of multiple occupation is basically out of control, whenever you’re in a hotel room on a vacation or a business trip.
Numerous specialists of different research companies, specializing in big data analytics in the hotel sector, collected information from international booking platforms and hotel aggregators.
According to their researches the global hotel industry has grown 17.7% by total number of rooms in the last decade and this number continues to grow significantly.
There are approximately 1,000,000 accommodation facilities in the world, about 500.000 of them are classified hotels with assigned stars.
50.7% are located in Europe, 23.2% in Asia, 12.9% in North America, 6% in Central and South America and the Caribbean, 3.8% - in Africa, 3.3% - in Australia and Oceania.

All the places of multiple occupation in the world must have the license to broadcast TV Channels unless they have a permission from their Country or Rightholders.
According to researches over 250 thousand hotels in the world broadcast certain TV Channels with violations. The majority of those hotels are 2-4-star hotels in Asia and in Latin America.
To solve this problem all over the world we’ve built an online, digital platform for distributing TV Channels’ Rights to Hotels and other places of multiple occupation and tend to involve at least 5% of those hotels in the next 2 years (12.5 thousand hotels).
As a TV channel Rightholder, you don’t need to waste time, money, human or other resources to broadcast your TV Channels in hotels and other places of multiple occupation. All you need to do is simply sign up on our platform totally for free.
As an owner, manager or managing company of a hotel, sports bar, bookmaker office, restaurant or any other place of multiple occupation, where various TV Channels are available, you can save time and money in finding and getting the rights for broadcasting certain TV channels at your premises.
No need to hire agents or other specialists for negotiations or other services, all you need to do is just register on the platform, get full access to the extensive list of licensed TV channels and purchase the rights you need.
Moreover, you can get numerous TV Channels absolutely for free such as Federal TV Channels.
Our mission is to strike a balance between providing necessary resources, creating sustainable, lasting change and empowering Rightholders and Beneficiaries at every level to build their own online path to each other, organize convenient, transparent and mutually beneficial environment for both parties without violating intellectual property rights!